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Welcome to the American website of the British Mediums Craig & Jane Hamilton-Parker. Here you can read about their mediumship, watch videos of them working as mediums and read Craig’s articles about the spirit world. Craig and Jane are a married couple with an extended psychic family that has been the subject of a number of television documentaries and shows. They regularly tour the USA and enjoy working with the American Media.

Their mediumistic work is highly evidential and is delivered in a spirit of cheerfulness, love and compassion. On this site we hope to educate people about the reality of the spirit world, be an influence for spiritual change and help nourish the true seeker.

About the Psychic Mediums
Television Psychics
Psychic Family
Psychic Readings and consultations
About Craig & Jane
Our work as mediums and our adventures.
Television and Stage
Videos of us working on television and the media.
Our Psychic Family
What's it like to live in a psychic family?
Getting psychic readings with Craig & Jane and their team
Ghost Hunting
Princess Diana Psychics
Spiritual Teachings
Psychic School
Ghost Hunting
Explore our paranormal Encounters with the Other Side.
Princess Diana Psychics
Our work contacting with Princess Diana
Spiritual Teachings
Articles and blog about becoming psychic mediums.
Psychic School
Our work with the BBC, workshops and psychic school
Books by Craig Hamilton-Parker
Sathya Sai Baba
Dreams and Nightmares
Craig's books and work on TV with dreams and nightmares
Psychic Development Books
Craig's books about developing psychic abilities.
Meet the Guru of Gurus
Our adventures in India to see Sathya Sai Baba
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